How to Invest Your Money For Tangible Weekly Returns

The first thing to learn about investing your money that is rarely considered or mentioned openly is to focus on fast turn around investments. SOR or speed of returns is often more important than the size of the annual return. An investment is a simple thing and often we assign some sort of magical corporate quality to something that is much more tangible and within reach of anyone.

To put it simply, an investment is the expenditure of money for a single purpose and that is to get that money back within a particular time frame and also get something extra on top that constitutes a “return” The jargon the investment industry creates around this simple concept somehow takes it out of the hands of the ordinary person, we start to think of banks and brokers and the stock market whenever we think about investment. But it is a laughable myth. An investment can be anything at all.

The difference is in the purpose. One person make buy a red mountain bike because they wish to exercise more and save on fuel costs traveling to work, while another person may wish to buy the same red mountain bike because the price is low and they recognize that the bike could easily be sold for 40% more. The second example is by all intents and purposes an investment pure and simple.

So to make a tangible weekly income from investing, it is crucial that you first and foremost learn how to buy and sell investments for a rapid turn around. As mentioned anything can be an investment and the only difference is the purpose of your purchase.