How to Make Money From College by Investing Your Money

Investing money while attending college proves smart for any college student. You might be thinking, “How can I invest when I’m barely making enough to feed myself?” Breaking loose from your parents grip can be a stressful time in your life while becoming an adult and making it on your own. How does one invest money while going to college? It takes some planning but you will find, it is not impossible and in the future, you will be glad you invested.

Write down your expenses

Take some time and write down all the basic expenses you face while attending college. Some hints are textbooks, food, rent, and the ever-increasing price of tuition. If you have a car, you want to consider gas, maintenance fees, and insurance and car payments if you are paying on the car. Estimate what you pay to eat out daily as well as snacks and drinks.

Eliminate some of your expenses (if possible)

Your goal should be to eliminate some of these expenses with common sense factoring. Eliminating some of these expenses is something you must do to prepare for investing your money. If you are paying rent, move back home with your parents. Search for a smaller place to live with smaller rent payments. If you live close to your college, get rid of the car. Getting rid of your car will eliminate car and insurance payments along with maintenance and gas fees. Are you eating out a lot? Start packing your own lunch or eat in the school cafeteria, which proves cost efficient. Performing these tasks will help you in your process of investing money.

Why would I want to invest money while attending college?

There is not a doubt that kids do not think about investing money, especially while attending college. Attending college is supposed to be a fun time in your life. Where this is true, investing as much money as you can (even if only a little bit) during this time in your life, you will be one-step ahead of other college graduates.

Why can’t I wait to invest after graduation?

Most people do wait until they graduate from college before investing. Most people want to invest after graduation but the truth is, most people do not. People tend to wait until they are in their thirties or forties to invest. In other words, people prolong investing into their future, which ultimately means, when they retire, they will not have a lot of money invested. If you begin while attending college, you are ensuring that you will have a nice nest egg for you and your family someday.

Where do I start?

1. Bonds or stocks

Bonds and Stocks are great ways to begin investing. These two things prove to be great investments over a period.

2. Interest bearing savings account

Designate some money out of your financial aid and other means to be placed in the savings account. Set the account up as an account that cannot be withdrawn from. If you are insistent on adding money to this account over a period of four years, you will be pleased with the amount saved upon graduating from college.

There are numerous ways in investing money while attending college. It might appear as a royal pain in the butt at first but trust me, you will be grateful you invested when you graduate. Investing your money while attending college is a first step in securing your future. It is always a smart idea to get into the habit of investing and saving money. Keep in mind, the earlier you start investing, the more you will have when you retire.

Best Ways to Invest Your Money in Fast Cycle Investments

We developed this idea of a segregated fast cycle investment some time ago and have confidently applied the rules to many and varied opportunities. Not all investment opportunities are suitable as we require fast SOR or speed of returns. Also the risk factor is critical as a fast cycle investment needs to be secured in some way for maximum risk control.

Some of the best ways to invest your money (read – get low risk high returns) is by seeking out such short cycle investments. An institutional investment takes typically at least a year to mature and even then, 10 years is better and 40 years would be ideal. Who has 40 years to wait. Not serious investors. That’s for sure.

Not that one would neglect their due diligence and prudent examination of the investment, but obviously a short cycle investment of a month or even a week would compound over a year to provide a dramatic yield for those with the patience to be more hands on with their investment activity. It is after all, just a skill and any skill can be learned with a little perseverance.

Knowing what we know…it would be remiss of us not highlighting several important points. A fast cycle investment should be undertaken with a specific time frame in mind. Also, you should increase your investment when you find something that reliably pays on the long term. To secure the investment, always try to secure equal or better value from the investment in exchange for the money you spend.

Gain More by Investing Your Money Online

Investing your money online can be quite a difficult task, but by learning the basics you will feel more confident about your investment decisions. By using your computer and a fast Internet connection you have access to a wealth of information to help you with your on-line investing decisions. There are many services that offer excellent information about both stocks and mutual funds, these information services are independent and accurate and normally not biased in anyway so you can feel confident about using them.

The biggest single improvement for the private investor has to be the ability to go on-line and get independent information such as market summaries, news, stock quotes, investment ideas and forecasts from a range of different sources at no cost. A few years ago this type of information was only available to large financial institutions or wealthy private investors today it is freely available to you via your computer and the Internet. Taking advantage of the information available and the control you can exercise over your investment decisions that on-line investing gives you will save you a lot of money during your investing career and significantly improve your chance of success.

One of the best tips I can give you is to consult several different sources of information if they all seem to like the stock you are considering investing in then it will probably be a good investment, if they have a divided opinion perhaps you should look elsewhere or delay your decision for now.

The other very significant advantage that private investors are now able to enjoy by using on-line services is the very low commission rates are charged. If you are happy to do your own research and make your own investment decisions and do not expect any help or advice from the broker you can save considerable amounts on the commission charges that are made. If you’re still require help and advice of courses this still available via a full service broker, but you will have to pay correspondingly higher commission rates.

One advantage that is frequently overlooked about investing your money on-line is the ability to may your investment decision immediately at any time of the day or night, also of course you can conduct your research whenever you want to the Internet is always open unlike a Stock Broker only keeps office hours.

The Internet has made low-cost informed investment decisions available to anybody who makes use of the wealth of services that they can now access, this will significantly improve your chances of success in your investment endeavours.